I woke Kevin up from a nap

by poking him in the side, gently, to see if he responded.

I know that he’s fully capable of responding to stimuli, and even formulating words if he has to, while remaining completely, amnesia-inducingly unconscious. But poking is a good place to start, so I poked him, just once, in the ribs.

In response, he nudged my foot with his, just once.

So I poked him again. Aww, so cute. Surely he’ll wake up pretty soon.

This time, he responded with two nudges.

I replied in kind.

Three nudges. Now we had kind of a poke-nudge dialogue going.

Five nudges.

Seven nudges. So are we just doing odd numbers or what?

…Eleven nudges. Do you see where this is going yet?

By the time he’d got up to thirteen nudges, I couldn’t roll my eyes for laughing. “Prime numbers? You could have just said something if you were awake.”

“Prime numbers are good enough for aliens.”

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One Response to I woke Kevin up from a nap

  1. This is awesome. AWESOME.

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