My brain thinks it’s the new Michael Bay

Or at least that’s the only excuse I can think of for the bizarre, awesome dreams I’ve had lately. There is foreshadowing! There is characterization! There is cinematography! I remember them when I wake up!

I also remember critiquing them like I would a Michael Bay movie. “The graphics on that alien spacecraft are terrible. Look at how it squashes and stretches as it moves. It’s like something out of Veggie Tales. Is this supposed to be scary?”

Or: “Okay, even though clearly an explosion that huge would have massive, extinction-event consequences for the entire rest of the world, it looks pretty damn cool behind that spinning, dying astronaut.”

Or: “Wait, is the main character hooking up with her brother? Or… her sister? Or is that an alien? Is that a person?” Okay, so, maybe not Michael Bay.

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