In case all two of you are wondering

(hi Jamie, hi Hannah!)

(okay this isn’t for you guys because I blather about Matthew and his hilarious nerditude all the time)

(it’s in case I ever get enough KOALITY CONTENT to be worth sharing with more than two people)


Matthew is my brother-in-law, Kevin’s older brother. He lives in Seattle, where he is a nerd artist who draws dinosaurs and architecture for Guild Wars. He is hilarious and brilliant and one of my favorite people of all time. His dog Abby is pretty much the bright center of his universe.

Star Trek is not nerdy enough for him; he prefers a Trek-like milieu in which the Enterprise’s interior is holodeck-stuff, false matter (he postulates) created and controlled by the manipulation of the Higgs boson to fundamentally change the interactions of matter at scales so tiny that reality dissolves into a granulated infinity. (Don’t worry, I had to get him to explain it to me too.)

The point is, with the decks and quarters and cargo areas of the ship defined by rapidly-alterable holodeck-stuff, and the transporter able to swiftly move real matter (or, as in the case of crew, hold the matter in buffer while the ship rearranges itself), the Enterprise should be incredibly maneuverable simply by virtue of inertia: throw all the mass to the right side of the ship, and see what happens.

I like Star Trek because Spock is hot.

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